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Hawaiian Kingdom Penal Code





Chapter I.  Definitions of the some of the terms used in this Code

Chapter II.  General Provisions

Chapter III.  Local Jurisdiction of Offences

Chapter IV.  Capacity and Responsibility of Offences

Chapter V.  Parties to an Offense––Accessories

Chapter VI.  Treason

Chapter VII.  Murder––Manslaughter

Chapter VIII.  Dueling

Chapter IX.  Assault and Battery

Chapter X.  Kidnapping––Unlawful Imprisonment and Child Stealing

Chapter XI.  Rape––Carnal Abuse of a Child––Abduction––Seduction

Chapter XII. Causing Abortion––Concealing the Death of an Infant

Chapter XIII.  Polygamy––Adultery––Fornication––Incest––Sodomy

Chapter XIV.  Burglary and House Breaking

Chapter XV.  Robbery

Chapter XVI.  Larceny

Chapter XVII.  Violation of Letter and Postal Laws

Chapter XVIII.  Embezzlement

Chapter XIX.  Extortion

Chapter XX.  Receiving Stolen Goods

Chapter XXI.  Gross Cheats

Chapter XXII.  Arsons and other Malicious Burnings

Chapter XXIII.  Malicious Injuries and Mischief

Chapter XXIV.  Cruelty to Animals

Chapter XXV.  Felonious Branding of Cattle

Chapter XXVI. Furious and Heedless Riding, Driving, or Conducting Animals or Vehicles, and Frightening Animals

Chapter XXVII.  Perjury

Chapter XXVIII.  Conspiracy

Chapter XXIX. Obstructing and Perverting the Course of Justice

Chapter XXX.  Forgery

Chapter XXXI.  Counterfeiting of Coins

Chapter XXXII.  Libel

Chapter XXXIII.  Affray

Chapter XXXIV.  Drunkenness––Blasphemy––Profanity

Chapter XXXV.  Disturbing Religious Worship––Violating the Sabbath

Chapter XXXVI.  Common Nuisances

Chapter XXXVII.  Vagrants––Disorderly Persons

Chapter XXXVIII.  Riots and Unlawful Assemblies

Chapter XXXIX.  Gaming

Chapter XL.  Disturbing the Quiet of the Night

Chapter XLI.  Suppression of Drunkenness––Manufacture and Sale of Intoxicating Drinks

Chapter XLII.  Keeping a Disorderly House

Chapter XLIII.  Of Offences Committed on the High Seas and Other Waters

Chapter XLIV.  Attempts and Instigations

Chapter XLV.  Accessories After the Fact

Chapter XLVI.  Former Conviction or Acquittal

Chapter XLVII.  Suppression of Offenses

Chapter XLVIII.  Search Warrants

Chapter XLIX.  Arrests

Chapter L.  Bail

Chapter LI.  Fines––Costs

Chapter LII.  Jurisdiction of Police Courts and District Justices in Certain Cases

Chapter LIII.  Rewards to Sheriffs, Constables and Other Prosecutors

Chapter LIV.  To Prevent the Carrying of Deadly Weapons

Chapter LV.  Licenses

Chapter LVI.  To Prevent Married Persons from Deserting One Another

Chapter LVII.  To Mitigate the Evils and Diseases Arising from Prostitution

Chapter LVIII.  To Prevent the Spread of Disease Among Sheep

Chapter LIX.  The Public Health

Chapter LX.  Coroner's Inquests

Chapter LXI.  For the Protection of Places of Sepulture

Chapter LXII.  To Prevent the Spread of Leprosy

Chapter LXIII.  The Fire Department of Honolulu

Chapter LXIV.  The Safe Keeping of Gunpowder

Chapter LXV.  Public Markets

Chapter LXVI.  Port Regulations

Chapter LXVII.  Whale Ships

Chapter LXVIII.  The Arrival, Entry and Departure of Vessels

Chapter LXIX.  To Aid in the Establishmennt of Hospitals for the Benefit of Sick and Disabled Hawaiian Seaman

Chapter LXX.  Of Smuggling, and Other Frauds Against the Public Revenue

Chapter LXXI.  Of the Shipping and Discharge of Seaman

Chapter LXXII.  Of the Arrest and Detention of Deserters and Mutineers

Chapter LXXIII.  Of the Registry of Vessels

Chapter LXXIV.  Of Passports

Chapter LXXV.  Of Wrecks and Shipwrecked Goods

Chapter LXXVI.  To Punish Barratry

Chapter LXXVII.  Notaries Public

Chapter LXXVIII.  Masters and Servants

Chapter LXXIX.  To Regulate the Bureau of Public Instruction

Chapter LXXX.  Of Highways and Bridges

Chapter LXXXI.  To Designate a Place for Landing and Driving Cattle in Honolulu

Chapter LXXXII.  Of Prisons, Jails and Houses of Correction

Chapter LXXXIII.  Trespass of Animals––Brands and Marks

Chapter LXXXIII.  Trespass of Animals––Brands and Marks

Chapter LXXXIV.  Fisheries

Chapter LXXXV.  For the Protection of Kolea, or Plover, and Other Useful Birds and Game

Chapter LXXXVI.  Regarding the Qualifications of Electors

Chapter LXXXVII.  The Assessment and Collection of Taxes

Chapter LXXXVIII.  To Regulate the Sale of Deadly Poisons

Chapter LXXXIX.  For the Protection of Life and Property Against Explosive Substances Other Than Gunpowder

Chapter XC.  For the Construction of Statutes Where the English and Hawaiian Versons Do Not Agree

Chapter XCI.  Trial of Different Degrees of Certain Offenses Under One Indictment



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