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The U.S. Occupation

Whereas His Excellency, Grover Cleveland, President of the United States of America, has honored the Hawaiian nation by sending to us the Hon. James H. Blount as a Special Commissioner to find out the true wishes of the Hawaiian people as to the proposed annexation of their country to their great friend the United States; therefore,


We, the people of the Hawaiian Islands, through the delegates of the branches of the Hawaiian Patriotic League of all the districts throughout the kingdom, in convention assembled, take this mode of submitting our appeal and expression of our unanimous wishes to the people of our great and good friend, the Republic of the United States of America, with whom we always entertained the most cordial relations, whom we have learned to look upon as our patrons and most reliable protectors, and whose honor, integrity, and sense of justice and equity we have ever confidently relied for investigation into the grievous wrongs that have been committed against us as a people, against the person of our sovereign, and the independence of our land.


And while we are anxious to promote the closest and most intimate political and commercial relations with the United States, we do not believe that the time has yet come for us to be deprived of our nationality and of our sovereign by annexation to any foreign power.


And therefore we do hereby earnestly and sincerely pray that the great wrongs committed against us may be righted by the restoration of the independent autonomy and constitutional government of our Kingdom under our beloved Queen Liliuokalani, in whom we have the utmost confidence as a conscientious and popular ruler.




S. T. Piihonua.                                                D. Himeni.

Henry West.                                                    J. P. Kapoehaale.

K. M. Koahou.                                                Kekoowai.

D. Hoakimaa.                                                  S. K. Kahalehulu.

T. P. Kaaeae.                                                   S. K. Piiapoo.

J. H. Halawale.

S. H. K. Ne.                                                    ISLAND OF OAHU.

W. E. N. Kanealii.

C. G. Naope.                                                   F. S. Keike.

                                                                        C. Keawe.

ISLAND OF MAUI.                                      John Kapamawahe Prendergast.

                                                                        Enoch Johnson.

R. H. Makekau.                                               Sam K. Pua.

J. K. Kealoalii.                                    S. K. Kaupu.

D. Kanaha.                                                      D. W. Keliiokamoku.

John Richardson.                                            S. W. Kailieha.

Thomas Clark.                                                 Benj. Naukana.

Thos. Benj. Lyons.                                          Kimo.

John Kaluna.                          

J. Kamakele.                                                    ISLAND OF KAUAI.

S. D. Kapers.                             

S. W. Kaai.                                                     Chas. Kahee.

                                                                        Geo. W. Mahikoa.

ISLAND OF MOLOKAI.                              J. A. Akina.

                                                                        D. N. Kamaliikane.

J. N. Uahinui.                                                  Sam P. Kaleikini.

J. K. Kaipeopulani.                                         J. Molokui.






President Patriotic League.


HONOLULU, March 2, 1893.

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